"being able to talk to a professional who specialises in infant sleep was super valuable to me"

"best perk so far!"

sleep benefits program for WORKING parents

employees can access on-demand 1-1 VIRTUAL coaching sessions with a sleep expert

This family-centred initiative offers your working mums and dads 45-minute personalised coaching calls that they can book directly with an expert sleep coach AS AND WHEN they need support with family sleep challenges.

Whether during parental leave or beyond with an older child, parents can access timely help before it turns into a sleep crisis to continue to bring their best selves into work whilst balancing the demands of parenthood.

The number of sessions offered per child or annually can be tailored to your budget and size of your workforce and you ONLY PAY FOR SESSIONS BOOKED.

There are 1 million more working mothers now than 20 years ago.

70% of families have both parents working, which means that everyone at home needs a good nights' sleep.

New parents get on average just 5 hours of sleep a night over the first year of life.

This is 2-4 hours less than is recommended by the National Sleep Foundation and means that parents may be returning to work after parental leave following months of sleep deprivation.

What are the challenges for working parents in getting help with sleep?

Ante/postnatal help is lacking in the public domain

Many parents won't be able to afford private help given the cost of living crisis

Busy working parents don't have time to read self-help books and they aren't tailored to their child

Many parents don't want to leave their child to cry but don’t know about gentle alternatives or where to start with making changes

Few GPs or health visitors are specifically trained to advise on family sleep and many primary and secondary age children continue to have sleep challenges that impact parents' sleep health

With training in breastfeeding support, accreditation in holistic approaches and CBT-i therapy, and a background in primary school teaching, Katie provides effective sleep solutions that are:

Evidence-based and age-appropriate from birth through to primary age and teens

Tailored to parenting preferences and individual family circumstances

Mindful of children’s broader emotional, physical and developmental needs

coaching consists of:

  • A 45-minute virtual consultation with an expert sleep coach
  • Pre-coaching assessment with a confidential health & sleep background questionnaire
  • Sleep education, emotional support and tailored evidence-based sleep strategies for infants and children
  • Follow-up notes with practical, actionable steps and resources
  • Simple and impactful self-care tools for working parents in a sleep crisis


  • Employees develop a rapport with their sleep coach and can check in as they experience new challenges and their family grows
  • Coaching is confidential, making it accessible to employees at different levels of seniority
  • Sleep support meets the needs of families when they need it most - whether it's during parental leave or beyond
  • Strategies are tailored to each family's unique sleep situation and goals, and compliments other wellness initiatives
  • Through coaching, parents understand their child's sleep needs better and build their confidence to implement difficult behavioural changes in manageable steps

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