“First class, so many useful tips! Could've used another hour!”

wellness day sessions for adults

engaging, evidence-based and practical

"Katie was extremely well-informed, gave a very clear talk and then bespoke advice, and I felt every issue raised in the session was dealt with fully. Very impressed."

People Business Partner, Red Bull

"Super engaging, lots of great questions and in general feedback was strong that the content was perfect and will be really useful, lots of us seemed to relate with sleep problems!"

Business Development Manager, Campari Group

"Overall I think the session was extremely valuable as sorting sleep patterns out is a life changing thing and definitely improves productivity as well."

Client Solutions Director, Xaxis

Sleep problems are very common during pandemics.

Months of social restrictions and the experience of such a major stressful life event have brought unprecedented changes in our lives, upsetting our daily routines and body clocks, and causing a surge in sleep-related concerns. It is unsurprising that clinical insomnia cases have risen by nearly 40%.

Many working adults who struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep regularly resort to sleeping pills and alcohol to try to manage their insomnia, but these are not long-term solutions, and can lead to addiction and adverse health effects.

Group Webinars and Workshops help employees:

  • understand personal triggers, such as stress and anxiety
  • identify manageable steps of behavioural change
  • make better lifestyle choices to support healthy sleep
  • build social support networks with other colleagues experiencing similar issues

Webinars &

in-house workshops

Each interactive session blends:

  • Science of sleep
  • Current research
  • Clinically-proven Cognitive & Behavioural strategies to improve sleep quality, feel more energised and shift negative thinking
  • Troubleshooting common sleep problems
  • Q&A

Bespoke options are also available.


Sleep is an essential therapeutic component of human physiology. Getting enough good quality sleep supports daily cognitive function, productivity and a positive outlook at work, and also promotes longer-term physical and mental health.

Research shows that employees sleeping less than 6 hours a night take on average 6 more days of sick leave annually

than those sleeping 7 hours or more.

What is the annual cost to your business of insufficient sleep in your working population?

This comprehensive session includes foundational knowledge about the science of sleep, latest research

and a range of practical strategies to help employees improve their sleep quality & daytime energy, covering:

Why we need sleep, what regulates sleep and understanding sleep stages

Tuning into your personal sleep need to create an appropriate sleep schedule

How to resolve issues falling asleep and maintaining sleep

Putting the day to bed before you go to bed and how to start your day feeling more alert

'how to manage the impact of stress on SLEEP'

Rumination in bed, feeling hyperaroused and experiencing disruption to sleep is a very common and normal reaction to stressful life events and times of worry. For many people, normal sleep patterns return without having to do anything.

For some, however, insomnia can seem to take on a life of its own beyond these precipitating factors, where worry about sleep

loss and the impact on daytime functioning become the stressor itself, perpetuating the cycle. 

In this interactive session, employees deepen their understanding of the reciprocal relationship between

stress, anxiety and poor sleep, explore how the bed can begin to trigger a learned arousal response over time through reactive behaviours, and learn a range of evidence-based strategies to:

Challenge dysfunctional beliefs to dispel sleep-related anxiety

Avoid common behaviours that increase awake time in bed and sustain insomnia

Use clinically-proven CBT-I cognitive and relaxation techniques to calm a busy mind and reduce physical tension    

Manage worry constructively to lower stress levels in the day

The session also includes guided relaxation techniques

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