“First class, so many useful tips! Could've used another hour!”


engaging, evidence-based & practical

"Katie was extremely well-informed, gave a very clear talk and then bespoke advice, and I felt every issue raised in the session was dealt with fully. Very impressed."

People Business Partner

Red Bull

"Super engaging, lots of great questions and in general feedback was strong that the content was perfect and will be really useful, lots of us seemed to relate with sleep problems!"

Business Development Manager

Campari Group

"Overall I think the session was extremely valuable as sorting sleep patterns out is a life changing thing and definitely improves productivity as well."

Client Solutions Director


it's estimated that 1 in 10 employees get less than 6 hours of sleep a night

Many colleagues, who struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep regularly, resort to sleeping pills and alcohol to try to manage their insomnia, but these are not long-term solutions, and can lead to addiction and adverse health effects.

Circadian sleep webinars & workshops help employees:

Understand personal triggers, such as stress and anxiety

Identify simple, actionable steps of behavioural change

Increase their motivation to make better lifestyle choices to support healthy sleep

Increase their motivation to make better lifestyle choices to support healthy sleep

Build social support networks with other colleagues experiencing similar issues

Each 1-2 hour interactive session incorporates:

The science of sleep & latest research

Simple clinically-proven cognitive & behavioural strategies to improve sleep quality, feel more energised & challenge dysfunctional beliefs that feed sleep-related anxiety

Troubleshooting common sleep problems + Q&A

popular topics:

'how to unlock your best sleep'

'how to manage the impact of stress on sleep'

'navigating sleep in menopause'

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