Passionate about improving the nation's sleep health, Katie regularly features in national media and podcasts

sharing simple, practical evidence-based tips that we can all put into practice to improve our sleep patterns and vitality in our home and working lives.


Katie discusses sleep trackers in the Telegraph.

How sleep became a competitive sport. Do you compare data with friends and family?

bbc business news

Circadian Sleep Coaching featured in BBC Business News during the height of the pandemic highlighting the work that Katie has been doing with businesses to support employee sleep health.

the guardian

Katie is a regular sleep expert for The Guardian and has contributed to a number of sleep-related articles.

The keep smiling podcast | S8 E5

Hosted by Lara Rebecca, this podcast focusses on wellbeing, mindset and adversarial growth.

In this sleep-focussed episode, I join Lara to talk about:

The bidirectional relationship between sleep and mental health

What to prioritise in your sleep routine

Why 10pm bedtimes don't work for everyone and how to get in tune with your internal cues

Cognitive & behavioural tools to take the pressure off sleep and strengthen the association with your bed and sleep again

How to set realistic goals around your personal sleep need

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the envisionair podcast |Episode 31

Hosted by Nicole Ng Yuen, this podcast is all about living our best lives by exploring topics related to health, wealth and community.

In this episode, I join Nicole to share some easily actionable daily habits to unlock better sleep and answer listeners' questions. We cover:

Techniques to calm a busy mind so you can relax into sleep

How to manage broken sleep

Strategies to protect your sleep as a shift worker

Different approaches to children's sleep problems where they are reliant on you to fall asleep or stay asleep

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