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Whatever size your workforce or demographic and wherever you are in the UK or globally,

Circadian Sleep Programs help your employees sleep well to bring their best selves into work.

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Unique in offering support across ADULT, CHILD and FAMILY sleep problems, Circadian Sleep Programs:

Help your employees perform, engage and socialise optimally at work

Reduce annual working days lost due to sick leave

Help your business or organisation retain employees seeking a supportive and inclusive workplace culture

Research shows that employees sleeping

LESS than 6 hours take MORE sick leave than those sleeping 7-9 hours

On average, this equates to 6 MORE paid working days lost per person, per year than well rested employees.

What is the annual economic cost to your business or organisation of poor sleep in your working population?

The return on your investment in employee sleep health is huge.

Find out more about how Circadian Sleep Coaching Services can help below.



SLEEP BENEFITS program for parents

POOR QUALITY SLEEP makes us feel irritable, fatigued, demotivated and unable to function at work

INSOMNIA is the most frequent health complaint following pain and headaches. Only 5% of adults report they have never experienced insomnia, and it is a very common and normal reaction to stressful life events.

When employees can access quality, evidence-based sleep education to address common sleep problems or speak to a coach to develop a tailored plan when issues arise, this improves their long-term sleep health and mood, and consequently their ability to perform and thrive at work.

Corporate sleep programs also increase ROI for workplace health efforts because reducing job stress and solving sleep problems go in tandem.

Read more below about 'Sleep and its role in Employee Health' in

The Goodpath Employer Health Index (GEHI) 2021 Report and RAND'S 2016 publication, 'Why Sleep Matters—The Economic Costs of Insufficient Sleep'.


As many as one in three adults live with insomnia

Sleep problems are continuing to rise during the pandemic

The UK economy loses £40 billion each year through employees on sick leave or in work but performing suboptimally

Workers who report high job stress are at double the risk of suffering from insomnia

Employees recognise the importance of good sleep

do you?

How does poor quality sleep affect performance?

Multiple studies show that sleep deprivation at work reduces concentration and memory consolidation. Research also shows that poor sleep compromises rational decision-making and can lead to bigger risk-taking.

Did you know that the more sleep deprived we are, the less we are even aware that we are taking BIGGER risks?

Getting enough good quality sleep supports:

Optimal cognitive function

Rational thinking and a proactive mindset

Positive behaviour towards colleagues

Strong immune function to stay healthy and in work

What are the barriers employees face in achieving better sleep? 

Many working adults who struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep regularly resort to sleeping pills and alcohol, but these are not long-term solutions for insomnia and can lead to addiction, adverse health effects and sick leave.

When stress levels are high, employees can become trapped in a vicious cycle of stress, anxiety, poor sleep and low mood. Engaging in negative sleep thoughts and behaviours then begins to sustain insomnia beyond the initial stressor.

Through 1-1 coaching, webinars and workshops your employees will:

Understand their sleep need better

Get to the root causes or personal triggers of their insomnia

Learn a range of tools and CBT-i evidence-based strategies to fall asleep and stay asleep more easily

Adjust lifestyle habits to improve sleep quality

Manage stress in their working day

Don't forget your new or tired, stressed out working mums AND dads!

Parental rest, wellness and ultimately performance at work, is intrinsically tied with children's nightly patterns and confidence in parenting.

Increase your post-parental leave retention by supporting your mums and dads in achieving a sustainable, happy work-life balance.

Through 1-1 coaching or group webinars and workshops, your mums and dads can:

Access family-centred support for infant, child and family sleep issues

Learn evidence-based solutions to improve family sleep that protect secure attachment

Build social support networks with other parents at work

5 HRs

New parents get on average just 5 hours of sleep a night over the first year

2-4 HRS

2-4 hours less per night than is recommend by the National Sleep Foundation


There are 1 million more working mothers now than 20 years ago


Over 70% of families have both parents working


Hospital admissions of children and teenagers with sleep problems has doubled in 7 years


Katie is passionate about improving OUR sleep health, nurturing children in their formative years and supporting working mums and dads.

Circadian Sleep Coaching was founded by London-based Behavioural Sleep Specialist, Katie Fischer, to help businesses and organisations foster sleep health in their working culture.

With nearly a decade of experience, Katie has enabled 1000s of individuals and families to sleep well so that they can start each day feeling their best.

Katie is uniquely placed to:

  • help your employees improve their sleep quality or overcome insomnia without medication
  • support tired, frustrated working mums and dads with resolving sleep problems with a baby, toddler or older child
  • offer consultancy to help your organisation understand the role of sleep in wellness and the latest scientific thinking on sleep and circadian health

Circadian Services are available in person across North, Central and South London and remotely across the UK and globally.

Katie also has a private sleep practice based in North London.

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