"Sorting sleep patterns out is a life changing thing and definitely improves productivity as well"

circadian in-house & virtual sleep surgeries

book a day of 1-1 coaching sessions with a sleep expert hosted

  • monthly
  • Bi-monthly
  • quarterly

Coaching is tailored for adults experiencing short and longer-term insomnia using a blend of core components of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i), stress management and relaxation techniques.

Coaching is also tailored for parents seeking antenatal guidance and gentle support with children's sleep challenges from birth through to primary and secondary age that are impacting family sleep.

"The most valuable aspect was being able to talk through some obvious things that we never thought to try, hearing the reasoning behind why it can have an impact on sleep and having the support of someone with the knowledge to give me the confidence to try new approaches."

Global Commercial Manager, Motion Content Group

"Katie was knowledgeable, well prepared, took the time to listen to me and understand the context, and provided good insight and very actionable next steps. The post-meeting recap is also very helpful."

Director of Digital Projects, GroupM

how do employees behave at work when they don't get enough sleep?

We know that sleep deprivation decreases concentration. However, studies have also found significant behavioural consequences of poor sleep in a working population. When surveyed, tired employees commonly report that they:

  • feel irritable
  • want to be left alone
  • are less mindful of their impact on others

coaching consists of:

  • A 30-minute consultation with an expert sleep coach offered in-house or virtually
  • Pre-coaching assessment with a confidential health & sleep background questionnaire
  • Sleep education, emotional support and tailored evidence-based sleep strategies
  • Follow-up notes with practical, actionable steps and resources


  • Employees develop a face-to-face rapport with their sleep coach and can review progress at follow-up sessions
  • Coaching is in a confidential setting making it accessible to employees at different levels of seniority
  • Sleep support is tailored to each individual, their unique sleep situation and goals, and compliments other wellness initiatives
  • Employees learn self-care and organisational tools to balance the demands of busy working and family lives
  • Through coaching, employees build their confidence to implement difficult behavioural changes in manageable steps

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