wellness day sessions for parents

engaging, evidence-based and practical

"Just to say thanks so much for organising the workshop. I thought Katie was brilliant and found this so helpful! Should have gone to something like this about a year ago. I've definitely got some new tips to try but most importantly feel like making some changes is actually manageable rather than a huge scary mountain of impossibility to climb - which is where I have been at!"

Susannah, Leaders Plus Fellowship Programme

"My husband and I are very grateful to Katie for her simple, effective advice. I'll definitely be hitting Katie up when Baby #2 comes along.

Running an organisation is easy compared to trying to get a child to sleep well :-)"

Cass, Red Bull

We all have different parenting styles, sleep challenges and personal circumstances

Parental rest, wellness and, ultimately, performance at work, is intrinsically tied with children's nightly patterns and confidence in parenting. Often beginning with just a few manageable changes can make a big difference to the quality and quantity of children’s sleep, subsequently improving an employee's work-life balance.

'supporting children's sleep to improve family wellness'

Katie Fischer leads this workshop for employees juggling work and parenting, to help them improve family sleep at home, maintain their own wellbeing and remain productive at work.

It can be challenging to strike a happy balance between family life and work life in the formative years, and this can become particularly strained when nightly sleep is disrupted and employees are both exhausted and unsure how to navigate children’s sleep issues without causing additional stress for everyone.


Attendees learn practical, impactful self-care tools, where to focus their energy in a crisis and evidence-based, responsive strategies to address common sleep problems from infancy through to primary age.

Katie discusses 3 case studies and opens out to questions so that employees can draw on her knowledge and get tailored advice to take home.


Advice is mindful of different parenting styles, and ensures that parents come away with new knowledge, TANGIBLE SLEEP SOLUTIONS and the confidence to make positive changes for their family, whatever their goals are.

Employees will learn about:

  • child development
  • what regulates sleep
  • age-appropriate routines and sleep schedules
  • behavioural, environmental and contextual factors that impact sleep quality
  • how to help their child sleep independently with responsive methods and manageable steps of change
  • a wealth of tips to resolve common sleep problems in infancy and childhood
  • self-care tips and how to cope in a crisis

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